It is my great pleasure to welcome you at the 17th International Congress on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ICTAC17) including 8thJoint Czech-Hungarian-Polish-Slovakian Thermoanalytical Conference (V4 8) and 14th Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis of the Polish Society of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (CCTA 14) – ICTAC2020.

The Congress is intended to give the opportunity to researchers,  interested in thermal analysis and calorimetry, to meet on-line and to discuss the results of their latest research works.  The Congress topics are of considerable interest and shall attract scientists both from academia and industry.  One of the aims is to further the understanding of the role of thermal analysis and calorimetry in energy and materials research as these methods continuously develop over the last years.

ICTAC 2020 Congress contains seven sessions - Thermodynamics, Thermochemistry and Kinetics; Instrumentation; Inorganic Materials; Polymers and Organic Compounds; Materials Science and Energy; Life Science; V8 4 and CCTA 14 conference. During the Congress Robert Mackenzie memorial lecture, and several plenary lectures will be given by outstanding scientists. For young scientists, Rigaku-ICTAC Young Scientist Award will be offered.

We have planned to organize the Congress in Kraków which  is a historic and beautiful city, rightly viewed by visitors as a “magical” one.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 disease spreading around the world requires social distancing and quarantine measures as addressed by WHO and governments’ recommendations. In this pandemic situation we decided, in agreement with the ICTAC Executive Committee, to postpone the ICTAC 2020 Congress by one year, i.e. to  29 August – 2 September 2021, and to organize it on-line. We do hope that you understand the reasons of our decision that was met to avoid the health and safety risks of all conference participants and our  staff members.

We do hope you will actively participate in the ICTAC 2020 Congress and we wish you a pleasant and productive on-line meeting!

Let’s make together the ICTAC 2020 Congress a great success of the whole calorimetry and thermal analysis community in 2021.


We look forward to meeting you remotely in August 2021!

Krzysztof Pielichowski

Conference Chair