General Info

ICTAC2020 will be organised on MEETING15 platform. 

The MEETING15 platform allows to build and implement the most advanced events both in the real and virtual world. Thanks to that platform, organizers and participants of events may gained unprecedented opportunities. Question to speakers, Q&A, surveys and polls, so complete events interactive solution. Availability on Your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, TV, game console. All you need is internet access and a device with a web browser. Notifications direct to screen, sms or e-mail. Various methods of communication with an event participant. Effective 1:1 networking to sustain or build new relationships. Fairs and exhibitions light and attractive virtual presentation of the offer.


Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be given as live 10 minutes talks on “MEETING15” conference platform, followed by 5 minutes Q&A discussion moderated by Session Chair. 
For Key lectures 25 minutes talk followed by 5 minutes discussion is planned.

Presenters of the accepted oral communications shall send their presentations to the Organizers at the e-mail address: Since the test sessions are planned in the period of 16-19 August 2021, the deadline for presentations' submission is August 12, 2021.


The technical details for presentations:

  • The presentation should be prepared in PowerPoint (.pptx)
  • The presentation should be in an aspect ratio of 16: 9
  • If there are films in the presentation, please send the video material together with the presentation
  • If there are special fonts in the presentation, please send them with the presentation



Poster Presentations

Presenters of accepted posters shall prepare a one-page graphic poster.

Requirements for one-page graphic poster:

  • file format: .pdf
  • poster size: landscape, wide screen (16:9), 33.867 cm x 19.05 cm
  • size: max. 10MB
Please submit one-page graphic poster to the Organizers at e-mail address:
The deadline for posters submission is July 21st 2021.


Poster Session - organization

Posters in form of .pdf files will be placed on the conference platform for individual viewing.
Groups of 8-10 posters will be topically arranged into 30-45 minutes sessions. The session will start with a poster presentation (each poster presenter will have 2 minutes to give live, quick talk which can be assisted by showing the graphic poster) and will be followed by a Q&A discussion moderated by the Session Chair.

Technical requirements for connection and transmission of video and audio
for oral and poster presentations will be given later.