General Info

ICTAC2020 will be organised on MEETING15 platform. 

The MEETING15 platform allows to build and implement the most advanced events both in the real and virtual world. Thanks to that platform, organizers and participants of events may gained unprecedented opportunities. Question to speakers, Q&A, surveys and polls, so complete events interactive solution. Availability on Your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, TV, game console. All you need is internet access and a device with a web browser. Notifications direct to screen, sms or e-mail. Various methods of communication with an event participant. Effective 1:1 networking to sustain or build new relationships. Fairs and exhibitions light and attractive virtual presentation of the offer.


Information for presenters


Technical requirements for connection and transmission of video and audio for oral and poster presentations  will be announced soon.


Oral Presentations

Awarded / Plenary speakers have been allocated 45 minutes for presentations including discussion.
Invited speakers/Keynote speakers have been allocated 30 minutes for presentations including discussion.
Oral presentations: 15 minutes including discussion.



Poster Presentations

Posters in form of .pdf files will be placed on the conference platform, thus the conference attendees will be able to see the posters all the time.

 All authors shall submit the posters until 15th July 2021.